Ange Palmer
An aspiring writer, Ange is excited to be joining us on this retreat and will be offering morning sessions to set the groove and mood for the day.
About Ange
Ange started her yoga exploration 30 years ago when pregnant, and for several years learnt in the foundational Iyengar yoga style. Whilst working as a naturopathic advisor at Chiva Som, a posh health resort in Thailand, she discovered the Ashtanga way, a dynamic, sequenced method which really lit the fire in her belly.

From 2009 Ange was involved in the production of a feature length film about climate justice, 2 Degrees. "For several years I was intensely involved in the climate change scene, attending conferences all over the world and seeing impacts of the change in developing countries. The stresses were tremendous. It was deeply confronting on both a physical and soul level, and it was my yoga practice that got me through that time."

Following this Ange was offered a place on a three-year 'Compassionate Practitioner' training with her teacher Dena Kingsberg in Australia, the rigour and breadth of which strengthened both her personal practice and her teaching skills. The yoga branch of her work complements Ange's vocation as a Medical Herbalist spanning two decades. She currently resides in a remote mountain valley tending a special homestead and gardens, and hosting retreats where guests are encouraged to deeply touch into whenua (land) and mauri (vital essence).
What can you expect in Ange's sessions?
We'll start quietly and gently, becoming intimate with the breath, embodying ourselves. We'll take it step by step, simple, repeating, feeling into each movement. No pushing into pain or strain, but feeling our way. Moving with each inhalation and exhalation, expansion and contraction, our bodies will open and our lungs fill that little bit more, opening our voices, warming up…

…movement, focus, breath, witnessing ourselves…'who am I today?'… movement, focus, breath…

And then we will release, relax, rejuvenate and welcome the recharge as it integrates into our joints, tissues and cells. We'll nourish the heart and welcome the day, together, alive and thriving, and ready to write…

"Ange is a thoughtful, passionate and experienced yoga practitioner. I have full confidence in her guidance and appreciate the adjustments she made on my poses."

— Nadia (dancer and yoga enthusiast)